h3Hello neighbors! If you enjoy fresh, local, Texas wildflower honey, why don’t you give ours a try! We sell honey harvested from hives located just east of Austin. We only produce raw honey which means it maintains its full nutritional value. As a small producer, our honey is from a single apiary and never blended with honey from other sites. Most local honey you buy from Austin grocers actually comes from multiple locations in the state. Our honey comes from one bee yard, just miles away.

My name is Hilary Dyer, long-time resident of South Austin and a beekeeper. I am a member of the Texas Beekeepers Association and a Certified Apprentice Beekeeper in the Texas Master Beekeeper Program.

Please feel free to contact me at info@hilaryshoney.com if you:

  • would like to purchase our honey
  • have questions about honey or honey bees
  • need a referral for honey bee removal
  • need a speaker for your local group – garden club, children’s, seniors’, or civic groups

I hope you enjoy Hilary’s Honey as much as I enjoy bringing it to you!



We are your neighborhood honey supplier!

You pick up at our location in South Austin or Cedar Creek, or we can deliver to you locally in Austin. Sorry, we do not ship.*

Net weight 10oz jars of our raw honey $7.00.

Cash, credit card, or Paypal.
Order by email: info@hilaryshoney.com
or online:

*As a small-scale honey producer under TX 84(R) S.B.1766 we only sell honey directly to the local consumer.

Contact us with any questions at info@hilaryshoney.com


IMG_9449_2Our apiary is nestled in the beautiful oak woods and prairie of Cedar Creek, TX where our honey bees forage on an abundance of native Texas wildflowers – horsemint, daisies, coreopsis, gaillardia, mesquite, and many others. It’s an ideal location for honey bees and we are quite fond of it too.

When conditions allow, we harvest honey in the spring and fall, producing limited quantities each year.


IMG_2361Like many of you, we are deeply concerned about the global health of honey bees and want to do our part to provide a healthy and sustainable environment for honey bees to thrive. We are committed to using natural Integrated Pest Management practices and do not use chemicals in the hives.

Our bees always come first. We only harvest honey if colony health permits. We always leave enough stores for the bees to get through winter and our frequent periods of drought. For that reason we are often out of honey, but you can be sure our bees never are.


bee2Our honey is never processed in any way. It is simply harvested, strained, and bottled raw. You get it straight from the hive, as nature intended complete with its nutritious enzymes, antioxidants, and pollen.

The delicious taste and flavor of our honey comes from the unique environment in Cedar Creek, Texas. The local climate, soil, topography, and plant life all play a part in defining the characteristics of the honey, truly giving it a distinctive sense of place. Our honey comes from mesquite and a variety of native wildflowers such as beebalm, dandelion, indian blanket, primrose, aster, brown-eyed susan, goldenrod, and coneflower. The oak woods and prairie ecosystem, in which our farm is located, is evident in each spoonful of our honey.

Here in Central Texas we sit at the hub of many different ecosystems each of which produces very different tasting honey – from the cedar covered grassland mesas of the Hill Country and Edwards Plateau, to the blackland prairie, the Gulf coastal region, the oak woods and prairie, and the piney woods. We encourage you to enjoy the variety of honey that Central Texas has to offer!